Understanding the Feed Systems Process

From the raw grains to your cow leaving the milking platform - this is how a feed system works:

  1. The grain is rolled by your Hampton grain roller mill and is placed in your day silo for storage
  2. Rolled grain is moved from your silo into your shed via a coreless auger (this Flex-Auger is driven by a direct drive unit)
  3. The direct drive unit is mounted above your feed dispenser and drops feed into it. Your feed dispenser with its industrial variable speed motor rations feed out to each of your cows. (This motor turns on/off for every cow)
  4. When the feed dispenser is getting low in feed, a capacitive sensor (which is fitted into the dispensor) sends a signal to the cross auger motor to start up and refill it, so that it can start to ration feed out to each bale as it passes
  5. Detection sensors allow your system to pick up empty bales, and those cows which are doing a double lap, so that feed is not dispensed to them
  6. Molasses (and/or other distilled syrups) can also be added on as a feed option and your Feed Buddy will take care of getting the mix correct
  7. You can optionally add a touch screen control unit, which will allows you to very easily adjust the feed rate

By implementing a feed system such as the one detailed above, you gain a very high degree of accuracy with your feeding - much higher than anything else on the market (such as a simple cross auger system delivering feed to your cows).