The Feed Buddy

Feed Buddy is a master control unit (PLC - programmable logic control) which allows you to offer greater variance in your feed allocation. The feed buddy is an excellent nutritional management tool which allows you to mix both home-grown and brought-in feeds into your herds' diet in both an efficient and cost effective manner.

Other benefits include:

  • Greater feeding accuracy
  • Ability to feed a wide variety of different feeds
  • Automated system that doesn’t dispense feed into empty bales
  • Automated system that doesn’t feed meal to cows doing a 2nd lap on the platform
  • Optional individual feed bins or stainless steel trays
  • Multiply feed lines that can feed more than one type of feed into the shed
  • Direct drive units that offer less maintenance and are quiet when operating
  • Very easy feed adjustment rates to match your herds' requirements

This system easily allows you to offer numerous feed lines that can be used whenever the needs of your herd changes, allowing you to offer:

  • Rolled Grain
  • Protein pellets
  • Mineral pellets
  • Palm kernel
  • Soya protein
  • Custom blends

We manufacture feed trays

From 304 grade stainless steel to increase their longevity, and galvanized robbing bars which are secured to the bails stops any stealing from the next bail should you have any covet cow grazers.

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