Molasses Supplement Feeding

Our core team has a wealth of knowledge to ensure we can supply all of your molasses and syrup supplement feeding needs; whether you need a special molasses tank, quality roper pump or a complete feeding system for your herringbone or rotary dairy shed.

Our systems provide you with the capability and capacity to pump both molasses and/or condensed distilled syrup blends directly into your feed trough as your herd's nutritional requirements change throughout the year. Like you, we understand that with the changeable weather patterns that you need to farm through, it has become increasingly difficult to farm on pasture grass alone, and with 78 companies offering specific blends and combinations - the options for the best herd feeding are endless!

Our feeding systems are able to handle the wide variety of feeds that your farm needs; from grains through to distilled syrups - let our knowledge and expertise help your farm achieve optimum animal health and productivity.