The Hampton 135 Grain Roller Mill

This Hampton 135 Grain Roller Mill was powered by a 3 phase 5.5kw motor with an output auger mount under the hopper driven by a belt from one of the wheel shafts.  The mill was purchased by Graham from Murchison.  The Mill has spent the last 10 years or so in Murchison rolling barley for fattening deer on Graham's farm.  When Graham retired he held a clearing sale and the mill was purchased by Nigel from Greta Valley.

Nigel's farm is very close to Motunau Beach where he fattens beef cattle as well as running a few sheep.  After purchasing the mill John bought it down to us to convert it to a three point linkage powered by the PTO, letting a single phase motor power the auger and mounting the auger to the base of the silo.

John fills the mill and then heads out to the calf paddock and straddles the troughs, which rolls the grain into the troughs as he drives along.

One of the photos shows a sample of the grain after it has been rolled.