A silo ladder is not an afterthought

When farmers purchase feed and holding bins, they often overlook one critical feature; the side and roof ladders.

With Brock’s optional Hopper Bin Ladder System you can have a silo ladder which is designed to be user-friendly with convenience features like:

  • A convenient handrail (patented) to make users feel good about stepping from the bin roof to the side ladder
  • Round rungs with raised, non-skid surfaces which are permanently attached to the ladder rail providing a secure grip
  • Versatile stand-off brackets which clamp to the ladder rail, allowing them to be placed wherever you need them
  • Plenty of space between the ladder’s rungs and the bin’s sidewall for your feet
  • A factory-assembled ladder so installation is quick and easy
  • A Safety Cage which bolts to the ladder; a safety cage is included on ladders over 6m (20ft) in height