Hampton Feed Systems

At Hampton Feed Systems, we know how crucial it is that your stock are fed correctly, which is why we are committed to designing and installing accurate and efficient feed systems for dairy farming operations across New Zealand.

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As the experts within the industry advance their understanding of the nutritional needs of a dairy cow, it has become widely recognised that maize silage provides a low cost source of energy (in the form of starch and fibre) which complements pasture feeding for most of the year. This has led to the demand for high specification advanced feed system to allow for the wider use of more reasonally priced supplements such as maize silage, as all farmers are aware that improving the nutrition of their dairy cows leads directly to not only improving herd health, but to a much improved milk solids pay out.

Increasing intense interest in the complete supply chain management from farm gate to end user for those primary producers of agri-products being exported, has meant that when famers and co-opts are converting or upgrading their farms, they are paying much closer attention to the credentials of the grain storage facility they are considering. This is because it is now widely recognised as paramount to always protect the integrity of the grain; from storage, handling, conditioning and finally to consumption.

Hampton Feed Systems chooses Brock grain equipment

We are national distributors of the American brand “Brock” grain equipment who supply premium products with an exceptional history of optimum performance both in our domestic industry and overseas.

Brock grain systems are global leaders when it comes to providing innovative solutions for grain storage, handling and conditioning and coupling this with our exceptional after-sales service and support, has lead to us becoming a leading provider of grain storage systems within the New Zealand market.

Let our team provide your farm with a long lasting and hard wearing solution to increase your dairy operation's bottom line, by providing:

  • options that are solution driven for maximum results
  • the support infrastructure that is critical to a time efficient, easily maintained grain feeding system

Hampton Feed Systems; the home of the Hampton Grain Roller Mill

When you combine Brock grain equipment with our Hampton Grain Roller mill, you end up with a feed system which is designed, developed, and engineered to accommodate the uniqueness of our way of farming. Our grain roller mill is New Zealand's only locally made milling option, which means that all parts and repairs are always only one phone call away.

Our complete solution gives our farmers a distinct advantage by allowing them to:

Reduce their:

  1. Animal health costs
  2. Labour costs
  3. Feed out costs
  4. Feed wastage

Improve their:

  1. Animal health
  2. Animal fertility
  3. Labour efficiency
  4. Feed accuracy
  5. Feed uptake

We are dedicated to helping you future proof your dairy production

By supplying you with the highest quality equipment and support, so that you are always able to make the most informed decision that is right for your farming needs. We would be more than happy to have a chat with you to discuss how we can create feeding systems which suit both your budget and your future herd growth and milk production goals. Feel free to give either Fred or Phil a call if you would like to take advantage of this offer