Crafted Outdoor Furniture

Our clients are increasingly asking us to create custom furniture or architectural hardware for their homes and businesses. So to meet this demand, we now create bespoke individually crafted pieces that are designed especially for you and work well as both statement pieces or understated eye catchers.

Indoor Furniture

We excel at creating items such as coffee, dining or boardroom tables which have glass placed on top revealing the craftsmanship of our metalwork below. We are also able to create bar stools made to measure at the exact height which suits you and your needs best.

Outdoor Furniture

We provide settings to polish off your entertainment areas, whilst still being low maintenance and durable. The comfort provided by our pieces will see you looking forward to enjoying a lazy afternoon in the summer sun. We are more than happy to design to your exact specifications and will provide the finish that is best suited to your environment.

Gates and Balustrades

Add a unique statement to your home entrance or stairwell with our custom metalwork designs featuring twists and turns, curves and twills.

To find out more

If you've got a vision for a piece of furniture or architectural hardware that would benefit from the beauty and precision offered by our craftsmanship, then we invite you to give us a ring and ask to speak to Fred or Phil.