Mineral / Mix Dispenser

The Mineral/Mix Dispenser holds approx. 380 litres. The tub is made up of 4 stirring arms that are set adjacent to each other. This acts like a cake mixer, working the product into the middle and stirring at the same time.

The mixer tub can be run separately from the feed auger by a clutch arrangement that is activated by a handle at the side of the machine. The stirrer arms are driven through a gearbox powered by a 3 phase motor then chain driven through the auger by the clutch arrangement.

The quantity of mineral entering the auger is governed by a slide at the bottom of the tub which can be set at a specific amount. The chute can be opened right up to allow mineral pellets into the auger which then feeds into the side of the hopper of the Roller Mill.

This system makes adding minerals to feed easy for the farmer.

Watch a video here:

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