About Us

Our history; the vision

Geoff Hampton Engineering was opened in rural Southbridge back in the early 1990's. Two decades later we are still a privately owned family business, with our roots firmly planted in our local community. We choose to employ local talent and are always looking for new services and products to better serve our local area.

Just like most New Zealand small businesses, we know it is essential to use our skills to solve your problems whilst providing outstanding service and support. This attitude saw our company go from strength to strength, and we have continued to add new local people and expand our range products and services so your needs are always being met.

Our flagship; the Hampton Grain Roller Mill

We are the proud developers of the Hampton Grain Roller Mill, which is one of the cornerstones of our business.

We developed this mill, because we saw the need for our farmers to produce feed in a more cost effective way. But cost savings shouldn't affect quality, so we have ensured that the Hampton Grain Roller Mill produces the best rolled food a farmer can get.

The Hampton Grain Roller Mill was crafted from the ground up; we even chalked our original design on the floor! But we didn't stop there, we have kept making revisions and changes and there have been number of alterations, but there are now over 300 of our mills in use, and although you will mostly find them mainly in the Canterbury Region, there are some that are working hard on farms across the wider New Zealand.

Moving forward

These days we are still based Southbridge and we offer a wide range of products and services to our rural and agri-business clients and our local community. We have carefully crafted a vast number of partnerships with our key suppliers, many of whom are well recognised and multi-national, and this brings an additional strength to our business as we combine our own product designs, developments and products with those that our partners provide.

We are ambitious and have a plan to grow our company, improve our products and service offering, whilst still investing in our local people. Like many businesses in the Canterbury region we are 'getting on with stuff' post earthquake(s) because that's just what we kiwis do!

Our team

We have always believed in the importance of employing locals as these are the people that are most aware of, and committed to the local community that we serve.

We have created a family and community atmosphere, which is reflected in every avenue of our business, and our policy of providing continous staff training, improvement and personal development, helps to reinforce their ability to get your issues sorted.

Our key contacts are:

We'd love to hear from you, so if there is anything you feel we can do to assist you and your business, please feel free to give us a call.